Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Making Olive Oil

The neighbors invited us for lunch. We were sitting on the bench, waiting for the potatoes tajine and the eggs the women prepared for us, when Mohammed came in the room, all covered with some black and sticky substance. He told us that it was olives, so we got back to our house, got the camera, and there we were, taking dozens of photographs of the mill, of the workers, and of the mule.

Mohammed's farm

We took these photographs before the rain... it explains the wonderful sun on the pics.

The mill

Mohammed uses his mill for his own olives, but he also leases it to other farmers. That was the case that day.
The olives were harvested in November. Then they were put in big bags with some salt. Apparently, they can wait there as long as you want, they can be any time.

1. The mule grinds the olives.

Let's go ! Watch it !

2. The olives are squeezed

The olive puree is put in some kind of bags made of rush, which are piled on the press.

The press. A glass of tea is hidden in the picture...

Of course the boss is in charge !

It's the third time that these olives are pressed, so they need boiling water to give all their oil.

That photo of the oil coming out of the rush bags is kind of creepy... that 's because of the flash I think. But be reassured, the oil is really delicious, Mohammed even drank a glass of it to show us how good it is...
Did you find it?

Outside the mill, just the fields, and a pile of feytor

Later, Mohammed will sell the feytor, the residue of the olives. It is a very good combustible.

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Sarah said...

These are beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing what so many of us will never have a chance to see in person!