Sunday, 24 February 2008

We won't go hungry (2)

The neighbors treat us every day... Bread, vegetables, and hot tajines... How lucky we are ! Last week, we had:

- a wonderful dish, but we forgot how it's called... It made with couscous, a herb called mallow (baqula in Moroccan Arabic), and olive oil.

- some couscous, that had been prepared in great quantity that day. A young boy in a village a few miles away from here died, and our neighbor Mohammed paid a visit to his grieving family. The custom, in that case, is to bring along vegetables and couscous, to help the family, that receives numerous visitors, and has to feed them all.

- finally, 15 pounds of green peas, brought by a man we didn't know, and who has been welcomed very loudly and aggressively by the dogs... He turned out the son of a man we once gave a ride to Fez, and who wanted to thank us.

Yep, 15 pounds of green peas to shell !

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