Saturday, 28 August 2010

Ouled Mgatel: And the title of my blog was prophetic

We were much closer to the well than we thought!

Let's see.

Our mudbrick house.

Notre maison en brique d'Ouled Mgatel

The driveway.


Our beautiful, but arid land.


And there it is,


our treasure,


our well!

Notre puits ! ! !

We've been told that there was a well on our land. But where exactly ? Nobody knew.. These last two years, it has rained a lot. And there was a place, below our house, where the soil was wet, despite the heat of the summer. The boys dug, and surprise!

Water on our land means a lot of things. No more tractor bringing a water tank every other week. A green garden all year round. Easier life for everybody - for us, and for the boys who take care of the house.