Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The earth under our feet

It's been raining for two days now, and apparently it's not gonna stop. Here, it makes people happy. Last year there was a big draught, and hopefully this year seems to be more generous for the The workers told us that "That'not water that's falling from the sky, but money, a lot of it".
When it will stop raining, the farmers will put some nitrogen (some kind of fertilizer) in the fields. Yeah, it's polluting, of course, but it will make the vegetables and the wheat very strong. After this, more water won't necessary until summer.

The rain changes the landscape. Within a week, the wheat will grow of something like 5 inches. New leaves appear on the trees every day.
But what is the most striking here is the earth. There's a lot of clay in it, and with the water, it sticks to your shoes.

Here's a photo of what it can make of your shoes (and it can get really worse, believe me).

People have a word here to designate this sticky earth under your shoes, a word that doesn't exist in Fez since people there don't have this problem. It's called tommuen.

Dogs too have tommuen under their paws.

It's kind of funny, but they can't get rid of it, and it makes them very cold, very unhappy.

Now, some animals do like rain...

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