Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Buying wood in Fez

When you build a house, you need materials. In Europe, you go to a store like Castorama (well, that's in France... I don't know about the UK or elsewhere...). In Morocco we go there:

the store

On the other side, it's not so charming.

Sidi Boujida, an excrescence of the city of Fez

We've built our house mainly with traditional materials of the region of Fez. Among these, reeds and eucalytus have been very useful. That's what we're buying today. We'll show you later what we'll do with all that stuff.

They're used to build floors, roofs, furniture, and a lot of other things.

There are different kinds of eucalyptus in Morocco. This tree grows quickly and is cheap.
It is used for floors and frameworks.

So, let's fasten tightly the wood to the car, because the road home will be kind of difficult.

Here! The car's ready.

To get home from that place in the bottom of the medina, we have to take a little road in the mountain that we rarely take (because it's really in disrepair).

But if the car suffers a little, we're very pleased by the beautiful landscape.

In the background, Fez

It's interesting to notice that even so close to Fez, the houses on that mountain - whitewashed adobe constructions -are traditional and very similar to the houses of the remote area where we live.

Woods (some kind of pines, I guess) - surprising in that region.

Thank God we've got a car!

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