Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Shopping in Morocco : Tuesday Souk

This town was at the beginning a small village, where was held a big market every week.

Today, the souk brings together on Tuesdays local producers as well as big traders from the cities.

Arrival at the market.
People come from all the area in those small trucks.

Here you can buy furniture...

... and all kind of second-hand stuff as well.

Scrub palm, which leaves are very resistant, is used for making mats, baskets...

... and also for making bardâa, pack-saddles for donkeys or jennys (this Arabic word gave the French word "barda", an informal term for luggage)

This is a seyer, which is for cleaning the wheat from its chaff.

Those sieves are for the flour.

The gerouet serve for carrying the water from the well. There are made of tyres.

And of course, you can find all kind of colored things.

Near the butchers, the grinder.

We bought some of these. They are seeds that are sowed at that period - cucumber, melons and zucchinis.

All that hubbub is exhausting - so if you need to get some rest, you can stop and eat a sfenj, a kind of donut made of bread dough...

... or you can have a tea at the bar.

And the water-sellers are here if you want to refresh yourself before going back to your car.

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