Thursday, 25 March 2010

Fnideq's Goat

Once upon a time in Fnideq, a small town in northern Morocco, there was a car that really needed to be washed.

So the car went to the shop.

And in the trunk of the car, there was a little white goat, and that goat really needed a shower too.

But once washed, the goat started to shiver.

No problem though: she put on her cardigan.

La chèvre de Fnideq

(and then, just like that, she felt like calling someone).

La chèvre de Fnideq

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A very small trip: Meknes

It starts at the beautiful new train station of Fez.

Nouvelle gare de Fès

Nouvelle gare de Fès

A few years ago I would take the train to go to Meknes almost every day. That's only sixty kilometers or so from Fez, but at the time there was only one track - and there were delays all the time. More often than once, what was supposed to be a one-hour ride would become a two-hours trip. I would often come home at 9 p.m. , and I had to go back to Meknes the next morning at 6 a.m.
That's probably why I don't like to go to Meknes - in my mind, the city means lack of sleep.

(But there are two tracks now, and bridges that shorten the trip; and the train ride only lasts a half-hour - it's like magic).

I only know the Ville nouvelle of Meknes. That's where is the French high school where I taught for two years.

Come visit the city with me; it's a little like Fez, but at the same time, very different.


Jack Tailor, Meknès


Le coq magic


Café-restaurant le Dauphin, Meknès





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