Saturday, 28 February 2009

Yes, I know...

... what it looks like. My blog seems to be stuck in the mud of Ouled Mgatel. It seems there are so few pictures, so few things to tell about our beloved mudbrick house.

And that is true. A little bit.

Because we don’t go there very often now – you know why.

But here, in our appartment in Fez, we’re making plans to conquer back our house.

We’ll paint the walls, fix the roofs, clean the garden, fill in the cracks, redo the floors… Put our hands and feet in the mud again.

(And of course we’re also making plans to earn all the money we’re going to need to paint, fix, clean, redo…)

The house is there, in the valley. Not so far…

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Water in our shoes

When it rains in Ouled Mgatel – we have mud in our shoes.

But in Fez, of course, we’got water in our shoes.

Look at what happens when it rains in Fez.

And in big puddles of water like this one, you can also rinse turnips and carrots.

Bensouda, Fez

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Between raindrops

Every time we go to Ouled Mgatel, I realize that everything is still very beautiful.

That, if the mudbrick house is still suffering, the boys have done a good job making it more safe.

That something new is here, a very small stream, by our house. It’s so great to see this in such a – well, usually – arid place.

That, if we’ve go t holes in our roof, well, we also have flowers in our garden.

Not so bad after all.