Monday, 29 December 2008

Excursion to Ouled Mgatel

Despite the heavy rains, despite our very busy schedule, despite the fact that our car doesn’t like the dirt roads, the mud, the rocks, we had to go back to Ouled Mgatel one last time before going back to France for Christmas.

The main reason was this :



We had to return the cats to their beloved Ouled Emgatel – because they missed so much  Bachir, Fouad, and the thousand insects living in the house and in the garden.


So we put the cats in a box, we put the box in the car, and we left Fez for our country.


We realized that we wouldn’t be able to drive to our house. The road was wet, often covered with mud.


The car was parked on the top of the hill, Fred grabbed the box with the cats inside, and we walked down the path that leads to our house.


And, despite the rain, despite our life that, despite our car, that often grows tired to bring us here, Ouled Mgatel is still generous with us.


Like this path.


And this agave.


This fava bean field.


Those olive trees, that moutain.

And even this fig tree, changed by winter,

and this beautiful empty house

welcomed us, soothed us. 

(Of course, on our way back to Fez, the car got stuck in the mud - but the children of Ouled Mgatel, and their teachers, helped us out.)




Kristin said...

I think I want to live in Morocco in the winter. I'm already missing the green around here, which I won't see again until April.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

African Girls said...

Nature is something that we cannot get enough of. What marvels it hides within itself.

Maria said...

How beautiful and green the country is in winter! Thank you for these wonderful pictures - the path is so beautiful, and also the mountain in the distance! I hope you return to Ouled Mgatel soon!

monsieur mike said...

Ouled Mgatel looks great. I'll be glad to be back in Fes/Maroc come February. Best wish for the New Year

Crafty Green Poet said...

It looks so beautiful there, what lovely light

Goddess Findings said...

oh wooow... amazing. I want to be there right now. That mountain....