Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Famous !

People in the street tell him they love him.

People recognize him, wherever we go.

His Facebook will soon explode...

And this week I got plenty of new reader who found their way to my blog by googling his name.

And why, you ask me?

Because of that. And if you live in Morocco, or if you have 2M Monde, you can watch it too, Friday afternoon.

So when you’ll see him in the street, you’ll recognize him too…

Fred playing at the Fez festival

12/21 : and what happened Friday when we went back to France?

We took a taxi in Fez, and the driver recognized Fred.

At the airport, the policeman who checked the passeports recognized Fred.

And in the plane? Well, of course, the steward recognized Fred.


Kristin said...

I don't think I'm going to be seeing Fred in the streets. And I couldn't actually read the article, because I don't actually read French (though it's surprising how many words I can pick out because they're similar to English), but I get the idea. He's gonna have groupies right? Rock on!

Marie said...

I clearly wasn't thinking when I linked the article about Fred... Sorry !
The groupies thing? I hope it's gonna pass soon (he already has too many of them, it's crazy... There are only 2 TV channels in Morocco. So a lot of people saw Fred that night)

Maria said...

Congrats! What good news that Fred was on TV and is getting known now!
I can imagine that this feeling of being famous is really exciting!
Marie, thank you for your visit and your good wishes! Have a great time :)