Friday, 16 January 2009

One month or two

It’s like it will never end.

Maybe it will never end.

Oh yes, yes it will stop.

In a month, two maybe, that's what we were told.

And then, the ground will bet warmer, and we will be able to drive to our house.

And spend time there.

For now, we have to be patient. We try not to worry to much.

Two houses alrealdy collapsed.

We do what we have to do, well, Bachir and Fouad do what has to be done. For now, a simple piece of tarp, put on the house. Nothing more can be done with that rain.

We try to think to something else, to focus on other parts of our lives.

To forget the wet walls, the roof that leaks, the devastation, the collapsed houses.


One month. 

Or maybe two.


Kristin said...

Yikes. Okay, maybe I DON'T want to live in Morocco in the winter.

Good luck . . .

Maria said...

Hope your house will not collapse and winter will be over soon in Morocco!
Wish you all the best!