Wednesday, 10 December 2008

How it began

How did all of this begin ?

Let me see… I don’t remember very well… It was at least 6 years ago…

There was a boy, Frédéric –you already know him.

And he loved Arabic music. He had studied the ‘ud for many years, and there was even a time when he travelled for 10 hours each Wednesday just to learn it from one of its masters.

And there was the ‘ud master, Marc – you don’t know him, but please, take a look to what he’s done. Fabulous music.

A few decades ago, the ‘ud master was working in the French cooperation, as a teacher, in Morocco. He spent a few years in Fez. Since then he’s travelled in many places, and learned many intruments.

And the student was fascinated by the master. And fascinated by the city : Fez.

And there was a girl, Marie – well, me, obviously.

I loved – and still do – Arabic music too. I even learned to play to ‘ud. Not with the master though, I wasn’t good enough – and anyway he lived too far away from my city.

There were also people in Nancy, our city, friends, Algerians, and Moroccans.

And then there was Nancy, and the « rue Saint Nicolas ». A magical street, with oriental bazaars, Moroccan stores, and Turkish restaurants – well, not so magical, the restaurants...

And the boy had several jobs, but he liked none of them.

And because of all that, he left, one day, with his backpack, for Fez.

And then, for me, there were several trips to Fez – getting to know the city, picturing me living here. I loved this rooftop in the medina.

One day, I left too. I am not a musician like Fred – I am a teacher, and was able to find a job very quickly.

And then, or maybe before, we met Yassin.

He was living in Fez, in the medina. But both his father and his mother were born in Ouled Mgatel. They were cousins – the perfect marriage in Islam. Yassin’s family still lives in Ouled Mgatel – they are our neighbors now.

And one day he brought Fred to Ouled Mgatel. And Fred fell in love with the place.

Me too.

At this point, I could go on for hours. Because the story is still long. You see, we built the house very slowly.

What I just told you... was for us the easy part.


Kristin said...

Fun! I like background stories. I can't wait to hear about the house next.

Maria said...

Thank you for sharing your story!
I'm also waiting to hear the next part of it!
Oh the landscape looks GREAT after that rain!

sistersgotink said...

Hi Marie-I really enjoy your blog and I am happy to see you posting as I was saddened by the possibility of it disappearing after the flood. I hope you understand that some of the ways you observe Moroccains practicing Islam are from their culture and not religiously correct or best. For instance, many Moroccaines do like for their children to marry cousins and though this is acceptable in Islam it is not encouraged to the degree that Moroccaines and other cultures push it. Some Muslim cultures actually reject marrying cousins in a way that is also not from Islam. The perfect marriage, if there is such a thing, would be between two striving people.
Love and Peace,

Laura-Jane said...

Love it!! Thanks for sharing the story. It all comes together! And...I don't know if you noticed but I wrote a comment on your comment at my blog (gee, that's not confusing, no, not at all!) about how you live in France.

Just wanted to acknowledge that I must have been high on Christmas sweets, because, obviously, you live in Morocco! I'm sure you didn't notice, but I hate making mistakes like that.

Again, love this post. Be well!