Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A Mudbrick House in Morocco, and the little treasures of its garden

Our mudbrick house still bears the scars of the flood. All that rain, though, was a good thing for the garden. Spring and the Moroccan sun have brought us little treasures,

fragile little surprises,

colors that heal us of the grayness of Fez.

Of course the boys, who are better gardeners than us, took care of this little piece of land which will soon be the vegetable garden, and planted the fruit trees that had been waiting for months.

And where there’s a treasure, there must be a keeper - the dog Lisa. As always, very faithful, and very hungry.

- If you like our Moroccan countryside, go see the trip Sandy from The View From Fez took in the Rif mountains. Very nice, and amazingly similar to Ouled Mgatel. It's here and here, in the The View From Fez PhotoJournal.

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