Sunday, 31 May 2009

Life in Fez : What we miss

Just a few photos of our Moroccan countryside, to show you what I missed this year, with the flood and all - watching the wheat grow, the people harvest their fields, seeing the countryside change.
I remember last year, each time we would come home from Fez, we would watch with amazement every little change in the landscape, every detail, every shade of green.

This is what our house looks like in April :

photo Nathalie Cardoso

Here's our land, with Bachir's wheat on it, in May :

And then, the harvest. In that field, the little stacks of wheat were hand-harvested - one of the hardest and most painful types of work people have to do here. Usually though, if they have the money, they use machines. They can't use them in that field.

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Kristin @ Going Country said...

I love my green around here, but the photos of monochromatic landscapes still sometimes make me miss the desert I came from. But only sometimes.