Sunday, 10 May 2009

Life in a Mudbrick House : a World Tour

Sometimes I wonder why we build a mudbrick house in Morocco.

During the rains of this winter, I was dreaming of a big appartement, in Fez, white and clean, far from the mud.

It seemed so much more reasonnable than a mudbrick house in the middle of the Moroccan countryside.

When you think about it, it’s just a pile of earth. We’ve learned that we have to be careful with that. That it could be complicated.

But when I’m having doubts, I think about the people all over the world who live in mudbrick houses.


In Mali.


Photo : blaseur 

In Lybia.

 Photo : h Savill

In Iran.



In the US - ok, nobody's been living in that house for a while.


 Photo : im pastor rick

In Turkey.


Photo : Hakatani Tenfu

In India.


Photo a n j a

And in Morocco, of course.

And I’m not afraid any more.


kompoStella said...

great point of view ;-)
and a super selection of photos to prove it.

Laxman YaDav said...

Hey...i have gone through your Blog it's superb especially the way you write with an amazing pictures...
and i came to know the culture and places in villages ...

my wishes to you