Wednesday, 1 October 2008

After the flood

Strange morning in Ouled Emgatel… Three violent thunderstorms flooded the countryside. Something crazy, especially at this time of year. A raging torrent appeared by our house. No harm done though.

The house suffered a little.

Water began to come through the walls (ok, here you’re supposed to fix your house every year, in august, but we haven’t done it yet…), and I freaked out. I was already picturing the collapse of our house.

And if it wasn’t enough, the ceiling became jealous of the oozing wall, and began to leak.

We didn’t sleep well.

When we opened the door Monday morning, the devastation was visible. Our house had changed a lot during this night.

Not so white anymore. 

I took pictures  of course, but since I forgot the cable of my camero at home (and since we are waiting for the mud to dry to go home), I don’t have any pictures to show you for now. 

But you can try to picture it. It’s not that difficult. Remember, the key word  here is : MUD.


Kristin said...

Your WALLS were leaking? Not good. I hope the repairs aren't too difficult.

Maria said...

Sounds bad! I hope you can fix everything again.
That bed of the torrent and the erosion look terrible.