Wednesday, 24 September 2008


They’re back.

Ready to invade our house again.

They won’t be chased again, they seem to have decided.

They’ve been staring at us for hours.


But the cat won't let us down.


Kristin said...

Yes, turkeys are creepy. I agree. I especially hate it when they start chuffing angrily and their heads turn blue. Ew.

I'm so glad my mother-in-law's turkeys all disappeared this spring. Chickens are much better.

Marie said...

What? Their heads turn blue?
Crazy animals !

Maria said...

But the picture looks phantastic!

Kristin said...

Oh yes, their heads turn blue when they get mad. It's pretty gross. At least, all the ones I've ever seen, so I'm assuming it's not breed-specific. I am SO not a fan of turkeys.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mioche is getting ideas beyond his station...