Thursday, 30 October 2008

No road leads to my dream house

My house… you should know it by now...

A dream house if you ask me. Olive trees and beautiful landscape.

Everything white.

Everything made by us, and by our friends.

A house that took us 2 years of our life, but not so much money.

A house that IS our life.

And then  the stupid flood happened.

Our house was damaged, but we fixed it.

The road, though… was partly destroyed.

And I should tell you about the road- it’s not really a road. It’s just made of sand and rocks.

It’s been covered in mud, and the tractors didn’t help. They made big holes in the road. And we can no longer go to our house with our car when it rains.

So what can we do?

Build another road?


For 4 weeks now, it’s been raining in Morocco like it hasn’t in 30 years. In the south and in the north of the country, dozens of people have died, drowned or struck by lightning.
Here in Ouled Jamaa, by the Oued Sebbou, numerous houses have been flooded.
And worse – according to the meteorologists, more heavy rains are expected in the next weeks.


Kristin said...

Uh oh. I'm sorry, Marie. I hope you (and your house) come through okay.

Maria said...

It is a very bad thing that your house was damaged and the road destroyed. But fortunately, your house is situated on a hill!
We have not heard about the 4 weeks of rainfalls in Morocco on our TV news, but about Algeria where people were also drowned.
I hope that everything will come OK again with you and your beautiful house. How can you and your neighbours manage the catastrophy, do you get help from your government?