Thursday, 18 September 2008

Bare Feet Souk

How to buy cheap furniture in Fez ? You can go to the Mellah souk, or to Bab Ftoh. But the most secret place is the Bare Feet Souk – Souk l Hafa.

And that’s where we went – and that’s where we got lost.

Souk l Hafa is the last home of all orphan, broken, and forgotten furniture of Fez.

The last home, that is, if nobody takes pity of a dresser or of a table and buys it.

In certain alleys, it seems very unlikely that it will ever happen.

Elsewhere, a succession of deserted and touching bedrooms.

When we finally found what we wanted – a cupboard for our kitchen -, we made an unexpected encounter...

Souk l Hafa is in Bendebbab, a neighborhood in Fez. If you liked it, take a walk in the rural souk of Qaria Ba Mohammed.

1 comment:

Kristin said...

I particularly dig the beds. That place is cool--I would be happy to be lost in there for awhile.