Sunday, 24 August 2008

Recipe : Moroccan eggs

That’s an everyday dish, that can be found in Moroccan homes as well as in many small restaurants.

And, as are often very simple things, it’s delicious.

The important thing is to use a lot of olive oil. It’s a Moroccan thing. On the photo I took, there is obviously to little of it... shame on me !

The other important thing is to eat those eggs with good Moroccan bread. But you could use another type of good bread.

Let’s do this :

Pour some olive oil in a skillet (a lot, remember?). When it’s hot enough, add the eggs, as many as you want. Let cook for a few second, and stop the fire as soon as the eggs are cooked enough for you.

Season with salt and ground cumin.

Simple, I said .

In the small restaurants inFez, those eggs only cost a few dirhams... a treat, with a side of salad and a nice lentil tajine !


Maria said...

Mhh this looks delicious! And I love Kreuzkümmel (cumin) very much. Vienna has a nice oriental market ("Naschmarkt") with many delicious things.
What I especially love is how nice the salad is displayed on the plate and how delicious everything looks...
I will show this recipe to my husband, he is a great cook!
Thanks for posting!

Maria said...

Ah, lentil = Linsen! We also love to eat lentils. If I were your guest, you would not have any problems with me when you cook ;) (hehe! I'm always hungry just like my dog)

Kristin said...

I have a great passion for cumin, so I would probably like these eggs. For some reason, it never occurred to me to cook eggs in olive oil. We always use butter, because of this being Dairy Country and all, but we always have olive oil. I might have to try these tomorrow . . .

Marie said...

I'll soon post a lentil tajine recipe, it's so delicious.

And Kristin, if you like cumin, you'd love Moroccan cooking... it's almost everywhere !

Maria said...

Oh thank you Marie! That's nice!