Tuesday, 19 August 2008

A Moroccan "Grand Taxi"

Fur by the windshield ? Check.

Funky steering wheel ? Check.

Muslim rosary ? Check.

4 passengers squeezed in the rear, and two that will have to sit on the passenger seat (us, obviously). Check.

Now… what’s missing in this picturesque but standard Moroccan “grand taxi”? Ah yes, the crazy driver. Well, not this time – the guy obviously loved his car and didn’t want it to get into an accident. Good man. Lucky for us.


I hate taking those taxis ! Won’t happen before a long time, I hope –and it definitely won’t, because... we’ve bought a car !!! Yes !

Fred is waving at a "Grand Taxi"... and of course, as usual, the dog Lisa couldn't stand to see us leave and decided to walk the three kilometers from our house to the main road.

If you want to know how difficult it is to go to Fez when you don’t have a car and live in Ouled Mgatel… read the post I wrote in May, when that first happened to us.


Kristin said...

A car?! Yay! My husband and I shared a car for a couple of years, and that was hard enough, trying to get to work, school, and everywhere else. Not having a car at all, especially in a remote location, would be really rough. Though that taxi is intriguing . . .

Marie said...

In Morocco, most people don't have a car...
Buses and taxis are very cheap, and you can go anywhere with them. It's easy to move when you don't have a car, a lot easier than in France at least, where it's absolutely impossible to live in the country without a car.
The only problem with taxis here, they are dangerous...