Saturday, 2 August 2008

Photos of the House 08/01/08

I finally overcame my vertigo and climbed on the rooftop of our house. It was worth it ! And, hum, it wasn’t that high after all.

When we whitewashed the house in April we didn’t paint the second floor… I guess you noticed ?


Kristin said...

Marie, this is an incredibly cool website. I'm so impressed that you do one in French and one in English. I have a hard enough time writing in English myself sometimes, and that's the only language I speak. Except a truly pathetic attempt at Spanish when I need to.

I know absolutely nothing about Morocco, and it's so interesting to see all about the building materials and the plants you grow and everything. Two thumbs up!

Jeannie said...

I enjoy the pictures so much. The view you have of the countryside is wonderful. Is it really hot now? If so, how do you manage to keep cool?

Marie said...

Thanks for your comment ! Actually, I know that my English often sounds French... but I'm working on it !
I like your blog a lot, two thumbs up to you too!

yes, we do have a wonderful view, and we don't get used to it. I find it as breathtaking as I did when I first discovered the place. As for the heat, well, we don't get used to it either, it's hard. The inside of the house is cool though. So we try no to get out of the house too often !

Muriel said...

Marie I followed your bloglog link from my blog. I'm so happy I did it!!

I love your blog!
Beautiful pictures!!

Marie said...

Thanks !
I like your blog a lot too - I found it on the House of Marrakesh website.