Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Our purification plant

We've begun the construction of our purification plant. Well, purification not really, but phytopurification, that is, purification through plants. We'll explain everything about it later. And station, huh... in fact, the workers call it "the eggs".
That's why.

Fouad, Bachir, and Aziz in their eggs

We'll do the technical explanations later, since it's already late. I leave you with this picture of the construction, and I let you decide what role plays the donkey in all this.


Elizabeth said...

I love your photographs of the countryside.
Very different from our life in the medina of Marrakech.
The children are so lovely.
do you ever come to Marrakech?
All best wishes

Marie et Fred said...

Hello Elizabeth,
Yes everything here in Ouled Mgatel is very different from the life in Marrakesh, or in Fez. It's really another world.
I love your blog by the way !
We rarely go to Marrakesh, for the moment at least, because of the construction of the house and of Fred's many jobs. But we like Marrakesh a lot, and we hope to go there soon !