Friday, 14 March 2008

A child's life in Ouled Mgatel

Hayat, 5 years old, little shepherdess

In Ouled Mgatel, children have a playground as big as the farm... There are always strange things all covered in mud, stuff to break into small pieces, hens to chase, lambs to cuddle, a little brother or a cousin ready to hear fantastic stories.
But children have to work too, and when they're very young. Hayat, 5, is sometimes a charming and mysterious little shepherdess. Sometimes, she is the keeper of her baby sister, that her mother put on her back and attaches with a scarf. Soon, she'll also have to get water from the well, help her cousins in the kitchen... and, which sounds a lot less fun, go to school !

Hayat and Samir with their father Abdelftah

Little Samir never looks happy when you look at him... but he is, believe me ! In the background, the cousins of Fez enjoy the calm of the countryside.

The dogs respect little children. Well, actually, little children rule dogs !

Noha, Hayat, and Samir have breakfast, and the dogs are hungry !

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