Thursday, 27 March 2008

Internet in Ouled Mgatel... it's really hapenning !

After the water-treatment plant, the new technologies are literally invading Ouled Mgatel, 30 inhabitants. Yes, it is 2008 here too.

The other day we plugged our satellite modem, just in case, you never know, there was some reception. Imagine this: there was reception. And there still is.

The proof:

There is some signal, but the internet connection doesn't work. For now. We asked for information in Fez, and they told us that in 2 months it should be OK.
It can sound kind of surrealist, because there is no telephone here, and the electricity was installed by the electrical company only two years ago, and that if you want to come and see us, you'll have to drive on a very bad road for more than 2 miles.
But it is real. There is a new telephonic company in Morocco, and they're going to launch their new cellphone AND the satellite internet everywhere in the country. (So of course it's not just Ouled Mgatel...)

We want the internet to come to us soon, very soon, because our house will then really be a small paradise. (plus, we'll be able to write a lot of posts on this blog... in case you wonder why our posts are so erratic, now you know !)

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