Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A very small trip: Meknes

It starts at the beautiful new train station of Fez.

Nouvelle gare de Fès

Nouvelle gare de Fès

A few years ago I would take the train to go to Meknes almost every day. That's only sixty kilometers or so from Fez, but at the time there was only one track - and there were delays all the time. More often than once, what was supposed to be a one-hour ride would become a two-hours trip. I would often come home at 9 p.m. , and I had to go back to Meknes the next morning at 6 a.m.
That's probably why I don't like to go to Meknes - in my mind, the city means lack of sleep.

(But there are two tracks now, and bridges that shorten the trip; and the train ride only lasts a half-hour - it's like magic).

I only know the Ville nouvelle of Meknes. That's where is the French high school where I taught for two years.

Come visit the city with me; it's a little like Fez, but at the same time, very different.


Jack Tailor, Meknès


Le coq magic


Café-restaurant le Dauphin, Meknès





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Jillian said...

Marie, this post brought tears to my eyes! I lived in Meknes for two years and miss it every day. Great to see that things haven't changed too much (though that musical mural near the Observatory is new!)

Also glad that Coq Magique is still there :)