Monday, 5 October 2009

Back to Ouled Mgatel, and a Goodbye

After a busy month in Fez, we finally came back to Ouled Mgatel.

Where we saw that it hadn't rained that much there - when there had been floods again in other areas of Morocco -, and that everything is fine in our house, for the moment anyway. Heavy rains will be back in a month or two, which give us the time to do the work the house needs.


And we said goodbye to our cat Mioche. He had survived two food poisonings, a fall from the window of our appartement in Fez, and an attack by our neighbors' dog.
But he didn't survive to the negligence of a vet, and died very stupidly.


We buried him under an olive tree.

But our day couldn't end on this sad note.

In our mudbrick house, Abdelali was getting ready for his wedding, that very afternoon.

And a half-hour later, we were stuck in the middle of the craziness of a Moroccan wedding of the countryside.

You'll know all about it in a couple of days...

Mariage marocain


Sandy McCutcheon said...

Hi Marie and Fred,
So sad about your sweet little cat.
Hope to see you soon as I will be back in Fez in November



Kristin @ Going Country said...

Oh, poor Mioche. Sorry to hear that.

Jeannie said...

Hi Marie,
Sorry to hear about your cat. I hope that you will be back to normal soon.

Maria said...

Hi Marie, I'm sorry for your sweet cat Mioche too. Poor little thing!
Greetings from Vienna!