Friday, 17 April 2009

Good news for the road, and the well of Ouled Emgatel

The Moroccan spring brings us good news. As promised by our neighbors, and by the sun, the road is now passable. Even if it rains a lot, the soil has dried out, and the road will stay passable until… well, October at least.

That’s very, very good news. But of course, we cannot live in the house. I cannot live in the house right now. Fred would probably try though. but without running water - the pump is broken, with the ground being wet in most rooms, with all the dust, the walls of the bathroom that are not really upright. That’s a lot of problems.

We’ll stay in Fez then, until we fix the house.

And the house will be fixed. And maybe even better. Because we want to make it bigger. The main reason being that Fouad and Bachir have been sleeping in the living room for months, and that’s not very pleasant for them. We want them to have their own room, where they can put their stuff, and have a break from their families when they want.

But how are we going to build a new room? Without money, without time to do it? Well, we’got the most important thing: the water, a lot of water, and a well that has never been so full. The water that brings a big smile on the faces of people in Ouled Mgatel, and the water that is necessary to make mud bricks - as well as earth (we’got plenty of that), and straw.

The boys are making the bricks as we speak, and soon our house will be a better place to live.

No pictures for now. Just a picture taken from the car, a picture of what we see on the road to Ouled Mgatel.


kompoStella said...

hullo there!
oh, what a wonderful picture - it makes me ache with longing for the summer.

Marie said...

Thank you kompoStella !

Ali la Loca said...

How absolutely beautiful. It's been quite some time since I've seen a field of flowers like that.

Good luck with the house. :)

Marie said...

Thanks Ali ! I guess Spring in Mozambique must be different - and anyway it's not Spring there yet...

Maria said...

Thank you Marie for your congratulation!
What a wonderful spring picture! I also wish you good luck with the house!

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Yay! Almost home! To a bigger and better house, no less. I hate being away from home. I can't imagine being exiled for months. Good luck with your expansion.