Wednesday, 25 June 2008

A Crowded Garden

It's been a few months since we begun our garden, and it's beginning to get crowded.

The majestic sunflowers are in charge of welcoming our visitors.

But if you look at the ground you'll see other treasures...

Like the gold of the zucchini flower...

Cucumbers, with little thorns, but delicious !

... and the cantaloupe, that has all the sun it needs, but demands more water every day.

And if you search very hard, you can find a tiny turtle, eating some cucumber - actually, we don't know if we regularly find the same turtle, or if there are plenty of them in the field surronding our house.

To protect all those treausures from the hungry cows and goats, Bachir and Fouad have built this fence with reeds.

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