Thursday, 15 May 2008

An Oasis in Ouled Mgatel

When we built the water treatment ponds, we didn’t expect so many visitors.

First there were the huge frogs, that dived into the tanks and desperately tried to get out.

It wasn’t long before the dogs also found this unexpected spring, them who are always hungry and often very thirsty too.

A lot of birds came and enjoyed the water and the insects. There are field larks of course, but also a lot of other species, that fly away so fast that we can’t get to know them.

Hundreds of pacific bees colonized the wet sand of the tanks. I said, pacific.

But our last visitors are the most surprising ones. It’s a family of turkeys, with the mom and its dozen of babies. They came regularly and slosh in the water. We don’t know where they are from, but we don’t ask them any question, and we let them go away in the fields when they want.

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