Thursday, 3 April 2008

It grows really fast - thanks to the Moroccan sun

There's no TV in Ouled Mgatel - well, actually, our neighbors do have televisions... and they watch it a lot. But there's something which is a thousand times better than watching tv: watching our plants grow - as for our neighbors, they've done this every day since they were born, so I understand that TV is fun to them.

We know everything by heart, and we detect the smallest change, like the arrival of this little squash:

Let's go check that the baby cucumbers are doing fine under the morning sun...

... and look how much they've grown, on the evening of the same day ! They've even been joined by a third seedling.

Wow, all this makes us a little dizzy...

Let's go see the zucchinis. There's one that already grown up, and stylish.

It looks down on the coriander, that can't wait to get some height too.

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