Thursday, 24 January 2008

Our Moroccan Mudbrick House : The Tour

Some of you have been waiting for this for a long time... and here it is, the guided tour of our house. Well, I have to warn you, it is not comprehensive, and it is not always very presentable.

So, what do we begin with? Oh yes, its pretty behind.
On the left, the water tank, and it the middle, the bathroom.

I took this photograph on a foggy day.

From the terrace on the second floor, the view is amazing.

So, do you wanna come in? Watch it, it's a mess!
The kitchen and the living room.

The kitchen. It looks like camping right now, but soon it's going to be all white and pretty.

The stove. The big crack on the wall shows that the house works more than us!

The door leading to the bathroom.

The bathroom. Soon all that grey concrete will be covered with white tadelekt.

That's all for today. But there are a lot of things to show to you, for next time.

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